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In my almost 24 years career in Real Estate which has truly been my passion and the many facets of discovering the city, people, architecture, the art of negotiations, marketing and helping with buyers and sellers in this fast-paced environment, where we’re now driven largely by technology and demand, getting the work / family balance right is challenging as I’m sure any parent will agree and I continue to work hard to succeed in this. My two children, Shriya and Jayden bring stability, happiness and clarity to the purpose of my work and why I strive to be the best and to continue my learning skills for the future of my work and my family. There is a lot more to me than just work and beyond family life my other passions are architecture, design, innovation, business, start-ups and technology, cooking and more. I have created a whole new section of getting to know me for you to also discover and to find common interests. Click below and know more of Charles Bilash.
86 Kingsway St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3H9
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Over the years I have took great care and pride in presentation of my site and my homes. Visual presentation and technology for todays modern world is a key part to making sure my clients are getting the best that I can offer. Being constantly engaged and immersed in technology along with keeping things interesting is a bit of a passion for me. I have much more that is about me regarding my life, my kids, my passions and so much more on my personal site I have created. Finding out more about me may spark some common interests and would love to connect. Take the time to visit me there aswell. Click above button or click here