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One of the earlier developed regions of the city, Collingwood is a diverse neighbourhood with a nice mixture of schools, shops and parks, as well as some of the fastest-growing residential sectors of Vancouver. With both the Skytrain line and Kingsway running through the neighbourhood, it’s easy for residents to access both Burnaby and downtown Vancouver when they need to, making itan ideal location for people who work in the city. Take a closer look atthis wonderful neighbourhood.


In the beginning, this area had more wildlife than residents with geese, cougars and black bears making their homes near lakes that no longer exist, including Moody Lake, where the Skytrainline is today, and three smaller beaver-built lakes, where Grandview Highway now runs. In1861, Colonel Richard Moody claimed a large plot of land in the heart of the area, where the Collingwood commercial area now exists. Several years later, the interurban railway tram running along Vanness Avenue had opened the area tonew residents, and a thriving community began to grow, with extensive commercial development along Kingsway, Grandview Highway and Boundary Road, where many of the area’s shops and services are still located today.


Collingwood runs along Vancouver’s east boundary with Burnaby. Located just south ofRenfrew and north of Killarney, Collingwood’s official boundaries are set by Broadway to the north, East 41st to the south, Nanaimo to the west, and Boundary Rd. to the east.


According to Statistics Canada’s 2011 census, only 28% of residents in this neighbourhood are native English speakers. Vietnamese, Filipino and Chinese languages are the most prevalent, but this neighbourhood is extremely diverse when it comes to ethnicity. The entrance toCollingwood Neighbourhood House is home to totem poles, highlighting the area’s First Nations roots. This is a popular area for young people looking for something a little more affordable than most neighbourhoods closer to downtown Vancouver, and the number of schools in the area has also made Collingwood a thriving community for young married couples and expectant parents.

Residential Housing

The Collingwood neighbourhood is predominantly residential with a wealth of single-family homes spreading through the community. The area around the Skytrain station is filled with newer concrete high rises, townhomes and some detached houses surrounding the community’s green space and popular amenities. Units facing northin Collingwood offer fantastic scenic views. The area is also popular with investors thanks to the good rentals rates and a range ofnew developments still going upin Collingwood. Contact meto find out more about current bench mark pricing in the area.


Although some of the area’s natural features have been changed by new development, parts ofStill Creek continue to run through Renfrew Ravine Park, which is a lovely place to take a family The southeast corner of Collingwood is also adjacent toSwangard Stadium, located in the northwest corner of Burnaby’s Central Park. If you enjoy theatre, the Green Thumb Theatre, located on McKinnon Street, creates and produces plays that explore social issues relevant tothe lives of children, youth and young adults. Fitness fanatics willbe happy to know the Collingwood neighbourhood is surrounded by fitness studios, offering activities from Bikram Yoga and Martial Arts, toKung FuandKarate.


With Collingwood within easy reach of both Metrotown and Kingsway, a number of great restaurants are easily accessible. Popular restaurants include health and spiritually-conscious vegetarian restaurant, Lotus Seed, Hyoga Japanese Cuisine, Jambo Grill & Good Morning Paan Ltd, Max’s Restaurant, and Yang’s Chinese Noodle Restaurant. Other fast food dining spots include Subway, Tim Hortons and Seahouse Fish and Chips.


Residents have easy access to shops, especially along the Collingwood stretch of Kingsway. Popular stores include Century Star Fashion, Doggie Goodie Pet Centre Ltd, Piano Music & Arts Gallery, Sea Horse Household Products and Four Seasons Floral & Gift. If you’re looking for somewhere todo your grocery shopping, Safeway, is located on Kingsway, in addition toAsian food stores including Old Xian’s Food, Jia Hai Yan Wo Ginseng Store, Han Kook Meatand Yat Sum Chinese Herbs & Health Food. Convenience store 7-Eleven can also be found nearby.


Collingwood is home to many schools, with a variety of public and independent elementary schools in the area. Elementary schools include Graham Bruce Community Elementary, Sir Wilfred Grenfell Elementary, John Norquay Elementary, George T. Cunningham Elementaryand Sir Guy Carleton Elementary. High school students generally attend either Windermere Secondary School, or private establishment, Collingwood School. BCITin Burnaby is also easily accessible by car, Skytrain orbusin a matter of minutes.


Collingwood isin a great area for easy access to and from the neighbourhood by car, with Grandview Highway running through the middle of Collingwood, carrying much of the traffic entering Vancouver from the Trans-Canada Highway during morning and evening rush hour, and Kingsway running through the southern part of the neighbourhood. Collingwood is also home to the Joyce-Collingwood Skytrain Station, making it simple for residents to hop on the train and get to either downtown or Metrotown in a matter of minutes. Transit options also include great bus routes to Vancouver and Burnaby.

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