Vancouver East

Most popular residential comunity

Refers to the western half of the city, with Ontario Street marking its eastern border, UBC to the west, the Fraser River to the south and English Bay to the north. It is an eclectic group of neighbourhoods each with its own distinct history, amenities and character. The only decision that needs to be made is which of these beautiful neighbourhoods will best suit your needs.


Vancouver West has some of the most expensive homes in the Greater Vancouver region. Housing ranges from small bungalows and condos to multimillion dollar estates. Character homes are popular in this area and most of the dwellings are single detached homes. However, in recent years there has been a push for multi-living units due to the high demand of the area. A few neighbourhoods includiing False Creek and Fairview Slopes have caught onto this trend and offer a selection of apartments and townhouses. The elite of all the neighbourhoods in Vancouver West is Shaughnessy. This distinct area was named after Thomas Shaughnessy, 1st Baron Shaughnessy, former president of Canadian Pacific Railway. It was created in 1907 by the CPR as an alternative to West End Vancouver which was the traditional neighbourhood for the city’s elite. It was aggressively promoted by the railway and as a result, at least half of the homes in this area were built before WWII. Today, it is one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in Canada with the average household netting around $750 000 per year. It is the perfect location for buyers who are looking in the 2-3 million dollar range.

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